Dr. Eric Griggs - Veterinarian


Dr. Eric Griggs is a dedicated veterinarian with a passion for internal medicine and anesthesia. He earned his veterinary degree from Ross University School of Veterinary Medicine in 2011, where his journey into the world of animal care began. With a heart full of compassion for his furry patients, Dr. Griggs has built a successful career around providing top-notch healthcare to animals.

Beyond the confines of the clinic, you'll find Dr. Griggs at home, surrounded by his own four-legged companions. He shares his life with two dogs and one cat, who have undoubtedly experienced the very best in pet care.

When not tending to the needs of animals, Dr. Griggs cherishes quality time with his family, engaging in outdoor adventures and creating lasting memories. His commitment to the well-being of animals and the joy of family life exemplify his well-rounded approach to both his profession and personal life.